My tête-à-tête with COVID…!
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Long COVID-19
Patient's perspective
Post-viral fatigue syndrome

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Mukherjee, M. (2020). My tête-à-tête with COVID…! A Patient’s Perspective. The Physician, 6(2), 1-2.


The dilemma of a persistent post-viral syndrome experienced by many remains highly suggestive of Long-COVID-19 yet, the confusion with timing, accuracy, and ability of the UK to provide for a responsive testing system has posed a huge burden on many battling with debilitating hurdles in daily life. This original account from a patient's perspective offers a window to understand the human emotions as unleashed by this viral pandemic. We invite personal stories of how the virus has affected people to help the scientific community understand the range of human experience.


Mahase Elisabeth. Covid-19: What do we know about “long covid”? BMJ 2020; 370 :m2815

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