Self-reported Occupational Risk for COVID-19 in Hospital Doctors from Black Asian & Minority Ethnic Communities in UK
Illustration by Tumpa Banerjee, MBBS, MRCP, MRCGP


COVID-19, BAME, Healthcare workers, Personal Protective Equipment, Social distancing

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Daga, S., Chakravorty , I. ., Bamrah, J., Menon, G., Dave, S. ., Chakravorty , S. ., Bhala, N. . ., & Mehta, R. (2020). Self-reported Occupational Risk for COVID-19 in Hospital Doctors from Black Asian & Minority Ethnic Communities in UK. The Physician, 6(1).


Emerging data from COVID-19 pandemic shows a trend for increased risk for healthcare workers in the UK, compared to other countries. In addition, there is a disproportionately high risk observed in healthcare workers from Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic backgrounds. This high risk is independent of biological or demographic variables. This paper presents sub-analysis of a larger survey of healthcare workers, particularly describing possible occupational risk of COVID-19 in a subset of doctors in UK hospitals from a BAME background. The results show higher rates of inability to access personal protection or comply with social distancing. The inability to self-isolate was associated with a 1.7x higher risk of COVID-19. The results of this survey suggest further research is needed to explore and understand institutional factors that may explain excess risks to BAME hospital doctors.


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