Atraumatic Lisfranc dislocation of Foot due to Charcot Arthropathy


Lisfranc, trauma, Charcot, Neuropathy

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Jose, T., Mathew, D. T., Oguntade, D. A., Sathyamoorthy, D. N., & Langara, D. F. (2023). Atraumatic Lisfranc dislocation of Foot due to Charcot Arthropathy : Case Report. The Physician, 8(3), 1-2.


Atraumatic Lisfranc dislocation is uncommon and is associated with underlying conditions like Charcot neuropathy1. We present a rare case of non-traumatic Lisfranc dislocation in a diabetic patient with Charcot arthropathy to increase awareness as early detection and treatment can limit disability.



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