Supported Return to Training (The SuppoRTT Programme) –
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supported return to training
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Siddiqui, S., & Chakravorty, I. (2020). Supported Return to Training (The SuppoRTT Programme) –: After almost a decade since Bawa-Garba: Has the culture changed?. The Physician, 6(1).


The Supported Return to Training programme (SuppoRTT) was established and funded in England by the Department of Health after recommendations from various professional bodies, trade union organisations and regulatory agencies. There may be a link between the awareness raised amongst the entire profession and the public by the tragic case of the loss of life of a young boy, and the SuppoRTT programme. Although organisations have signed up to the SuppoRTT programme, and resources have been made available, there are still challenges. Principal amongst them is the lack of information amongst trainees and trainers alike, as well as the culture of ‘resilience or coping silently’ with all eventualities that is inbred in the profession to its own detriment. The lack of a supportive culture amongst peers and a stressed workplace also contributes to burnout. This article explores the challenges and offers to increase awareness. Solutions and a change of hearts and minds will have to come from within the profession.
Peer Review