Ethnic Differences in Antipsychotic treatment responses in Early Intervention in Psychosis


early intervention in psychosis

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Chakraborty, N., Ahmed, S., Booth, H., & Aswat, H. (2021). Ethnic Differences in Antipsychotic treatment responses in Early Intervention in Psychosis. The Physician, 7(1), 1-8.



Ethnic variations in pathways to early intervention in psychosis (EIP) have been studied. However, it is important to explore the ethnic variations in response to pharmacological treatment in EIP.


To look at ethnic variation in response to antipsychotics.


Electronic patient records in December 2018 were perused for:

  1. Sociodemographic details including ethnicity
  2. Prescribed antipsychotic and dosage to which the patient had responded


White, Black and Asian ethnic groups responded mostly to Olanzapine. The largest proportion of the mixed ethnic group responded to Aripiprazole. The White and Asian groups showed the best responses to Lurasidone at 74 mg. There was a slight response in the mixed and other ethnic groups only at the higher dose of 111 mg. The medication has not been used with any benefit in the Black ethnic group.


The complex differences highlighted amongst ethnic responses to treatment make a case for multi-centric studies to further explore ethnic differences in early intervention treatments. This will help streamline offered treatments to maximise response in EIP.


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