Surgery During COVID-19 Era - An Overview
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COVID-19, surgery, impact, PPE, training.

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Kumar, A., Taggarsi, M., & Selvasekar, C. (2020). Surgery During COVID-19 Era - An Overview. The Physician, 6(2).


COVID-19 pandemic has affected more than 215 countries worldwide. Patient management has seen a tremendous change in the current pandemic with many specialities adopting measures to contain human to human transmission of the virus and to make judicious use of resources available. Surgical practices have changed globally with the use of virtual consultation, prioritisation of all elective and non-emergency services, COVID swab testing, chest imaging for all patients undergoing surgery and use of PPE to ensure staff safety. A major impact of COVID-19 has been on emergency surgery services and on surgical training. This article highlights the impact of COVID-19 on the safe delivery of surgical services and emphasizes on the use of webinars, online teaching and simulation as a meaningful tool to deliver surgical training in COVID era.


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